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This English user guide documents the features and operation of Carcassonne: The Computer Game developed by Meridian'93 and distributed by Koch Media, an excellent adaption of the German award winning board game.

Every effort has been made to provide a complete and accurate description of the game's functions. Please send any questions or report any errors or omissions by sending an email to carcassonne@2die4games.com.

The scope of this user guide is limited to the computer implementation of the game, not the rules of the game. See the Online resources page for links to English documentation on the Carcassonne rules and strategy.

Program features:

  • Play games on your computer with up to 5 human and computer players.
  • Play games against friends over a local network.
  • Play or watch online games against players throughout the world.
  • Save unfinished games for completion at a later date.
  • Replay completed games.
  • Adjust the strength and strategies used by the computer players.
  • Automatic tracking of the strength of your game play against local and online human and computer players.
  • Play with or without the river tile expansion (included in the game)
  • Play with any of the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd edition rule variations.

Program enhancements:

This User Guide was written in conjunction with the development of a Suite of Tools that provide enhancements to the Carcassonne PC game.

References to the enhancements are documented within this guide using the following format:

TLinfo This user guide references the improved version of the English translations installed using the Game Install and Game Configuration tools available in the Suite of Tools.

View the Suite of Tools page for more details on its features and purchase.

Program version:

This user guide is based on version 1.89 of the game; the last released version before sale of the game was halted. Most of the content in this guide also applies to earlier versions.

Note:A limited number of factory sealed copies of version 1.89 of the game are available at the 2die4 Games website.

System requirements:

The following minimum requirements are specified by the game's manufacturer:

  • Windows 98, ME, 2000, and XP
  • Pentium II processor or newer
  • 64MBytes of memory
  • 225Mbytes of hard disk space
  • 1024x768 screen resolution
  • CD or DVD drive (Only required to install the game)
  • Network/Internet access (Required for Network and Online games)
Note:The game also can be played without any problems on Windows Vista.

TLinfo The game can be played on older computers that only support a maximum screen resolution of 800x600 pixels using the Game Configuration tool available in the Suite of Tools.